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is an online peer reviewed academic journal of the Department of Ceramics and Glass Design, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, which was first published in 2018. This online journal lays the foundations for a research field in the department’s disciplines, give a platform for the research activity taking place within and without the department, and encourage new research avenues.

The journal seeks to express the vast knowledge found in the department, create a broad community of scholars from different areas of knowledge, and form connections between different disciplines.

Furthermore, this platform aims to express a new way of thinking about material-text-image relations and to create an alternative discourse, which fuses material research and theoretical research, bringing them together without dichotomist thought or conventional categories.

Third issue – The Ethics of Doing

(Ehrlich, 2016 – The article was presented as part of the “Contemporary Craft” seminar in memory of Professor Ami Derech in 2014 at Bezalel and Beit Binyamini.)

Through the concept of “The Ethics of Doing”, we wish to open up a range of contexts related to the Department’s fields and its affinity to other disciplines. The concept of The Ethics of Doing triggers a broad discussion of conceptual and material aspects and raises questions that concern identity, language, materiality, history, society, technology, politics and more. We would like to hold a broad discussion of the meanings of The Ethics of Doing as a quality of processes and interrelations.

We would be delighted to receive your proposal for papers for the second issue. To do this, we ask you to submit an abstract of the research topic that you wish to explore. The abstract must be up to one-page long. After receiving your material, we will contact you regarding the possible expansion of your proposal to a full paper.

Deadline for submission of abstracts: ended

The article should be an original article that has not been published in Hebrew, and meets the accepted academic criteria of the discipline in which the research was conducted.

The article will be submitted anonymously to two readers from the articles’ discipline.

Recommended length of submitted articles:

3,500 to 4,000 words (approx. 10-12 pages, not including appendixes and images).

Please send your text to:

Submission guidelines:


1. Please attach a separate document that includes: Author’s name, Academic title, position, address, contact details and short bio (up to 100 words)

2. Please submit an abstract of the article (up to 150 words).

3. Visual materials – please send separate jpg files (up to 1 MB per image) and attach copyrights permission.

4. Bibliography and list of sources should follow the APA citation style.


Best regards,

The journal editorial board

Editor in chief: Dafna Kaffeman

Dr. Eran Ehrlich, Head of the Department of Ceramics and Glass Design

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